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Will of Golf, Mastering the Mind-Body Connection

“To improve your game you must transform the way you think about your results. Our creativity is only limited by our thoughts. When you learn to play with purpose, and trust your swing, you will experience golf beyond belief. Complete participation in this process can take you anywhere you want to go.”

– Ralph Cissne

The Will of Golf is a new approach to golf conditioning that combines classic yoga postures with definitive manifesting and visualization techniques. The Will of Golf playbook, available as part of your Player’s Club membership, presents a series of concise lessons to improve your balance, flexibility and range of motion while transforming your ability to relax, focus and create great shots at will.

The nine Will of Golf playbook lessons: Self-Reliance, Choosing Your Teachers, Making the Choice to Think, The Power of Your Breath, Standing Postures, Floor Postures, Pre-Shot Visualization, Strategic Considerations and Focus on Your Finish. Om (bilateral alignment) meditation tracks, included with the program, provide a profound sense of relaxation, clarity and inner peace.

About the Author

A golf purist and student of the game for over forty years, Ralph Cissne provides a unique and insightful program for improving your mind-body approach to the game of golf and your life.

Cissne began working with Frank Natale in 1986, and adapted aspects of the Natale Manifesting Results course for golfers based on his success with these techniques on the golf course, in life and in business. In the early 90’s Cissne studied and practiced with Planet Yoga founder Leeann Carey. Will of Golf breathing exercises and yoga postures are drawn from the Planet Yoga Method, which promotes strength, flexibility, balance and personal discovery.

Cissne is a creative strategist, marketing consultant and principal of Morgan Road, whose clients have included many leading companies in health, fitness and personal development.

A native Californian, Cissne grew up in Oklahoma and graduated from The University of Oklahoma School of Journalism. He returned to Los Angeles in 1987 and is a longtime member of the Southern California PLGA (index 1.0).