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Results, creativity and the choice to think

4 May, 2013 (16:34) | Uncategorized | By: Ralph Cissne

People often say, “I’m not creative. I wish I was, but I’m not.” My inquisitive response, offered with Zen-like compassion, “Have you ever made a sandwich?” With the inevitable affirmation I congratulate them on acknowledging the power of creativity. We easily praise the accomplishments of others, but instructive to realize our creativity is a birthright […]

Occupy golf, the belly putter and Bubba Watson

3 May, 2012 (13:04) | Uncategorized | By: Ralph Cissne

Those who live in fear of their own thoughts tend to leave approach shots short. It is doubtful the occupy movement will squat on any golf courses this summer or drive a zero-emission replica of Bo Duke’s General Lee down Magnolia Lane to next year’s Masters. The membership would not have it. The irony of […]

Tribute to Stormy Williams

8 February, 2012 (09:39) | Uncategorized | By: Ralph Cissne

My friend and mentor Stormy Williams passed on January 28 after suffering with vascular dementia since 2007. He was 90 years old. At his funeral last Saturday, as was his request, there were many touching and hilarious stories about his character and exploits on and off the golf course. He was a legend in Oklahoma […]

Hope and change will not improve your golf swing

28 July, 2011 (13:30) | Uncategorized | By: Ralph Cissne

Politics aside, “hope and change” are two words you are wise to purge from your golf vocabulary. Consider the shift in consciousness when you replace these vacuous terms with “clarity and commitment.” To create results you must have clear intentions and the ability to remain in the moment. My mentor Frank Natale described hope as […]

Independence, self-reliance and the game of golf

5 July, 2011 (14:49) | Uncategorized | By: Ralph Cissne

I trust you had an enjoyable Independence Day weekend. Freedom and golf are synonymous for me, manifested by the lightness in my hands and the flow of my swing when mind, body and spirit are aligned. On Saturday I hit 18 greens in regulation, a feat I’ve accomplished before, but this round was particularly satisfying […]

Relationships, bachelorhood and golf

14 June, 2011 (22:31) | Uncategorized | By: Ralph Cissne

Many of my closest golf friends are bachelors. The older ones have been married and are compelled to coach the twenty-some-things on the rewards of patience. The few friends who are married don’t seem to play as often as the others. Even if you love golf it is reasonable that you love your family more. […]

The putting wizard of Rancho Park

26 May, 2011 (12:04) | Uncategorized | By: Ralph Cissne

I have not met the wizard of Rancho Park, but there is probably a wizard on most putting greens, silver haired and willing to wager, as the day’s shadows grow long. Rancho Park is one of America’s busiest courses and a cultural crossroads of urban golf. It’s a surreal place that would attract a wizard […]

Focus on the finish

28 April, 2011 (19:34) | Uncategorized | By: Ralph Cissne

I recently joined Linked:Golfers on LinkedIn and their lively golf tips discussion. There are hundreds of diverse tips from players and professionals alike, sharing their thoughts, often humorous and inventive, on what’s working for them. These varied opinions, reflected in every golf website, publication or broadcast, are testimony to the challenge golf represents and why […]

The Big Break, maintaining your momentum

24 November, 2010 (16:27) | Uncategorized | By: Ralph Cissne

This season’s Big Break Dominican Republic has been my favorite of the Golf Channel series although the girl’s Glossy Posse would stand a better chance of cashing in our skins game. Last night Brian, a poster child for humility, confessed, “I did not allow myself to succeed.” No kidding. His angst-ridden attitude and self-promotion are […]

Gary Player, pizza and flat belly golf

21 September, 2010 (09:50) | Uncategorized | By: Ralph Cissne

I hesitate to offer unsolicited advice during a round of golf unless I expect unfolding events may require the Heimlich maneuver. This technique becomes a challenge should a player choke under the pressure of a $10 bet and their girth exceeds your grasp. A casual skins game among my circle of friends is like playing […]