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Will of Golf

Improve your mind-body awareness, mental focus, flexibility and results.

Will of Golf Events

Add a unique, insightful and entertaining program to your next business meeting or golf event. Presented by Will of Golf author Ralph Cissne,  any of these programs may be tailored to the goals of your group or organization.

1. The Fundamentals of Success

Your objective may be to break 80 or 90 consistently, or to win golf tournaments, and the process of improvement begins with you. This motivational program outlines the fundamentals of mind-body awareness required to create clarity, self-confidence and results in your game, your business and your life.

Topics include: Play golf beyond belief; Avoid information overload; Mind your fundamentals; Focus on strategic thinking; Achieve balance, flexibility and power.

2. Own Your Scoring Zone with Consistency & Control

We all want to be in command of our game, our career and our life. What holds us back? The path to consistency and lower scores is learning how to own the moment, relax and enjoy the process. This motivational program explores the possibilities for improving your mind-body awareness and scoring results.

Topics include: Give yourself the moment; Develop a winning scoring strategy; Engage your powerhouse (even if you can’t see your abs); Master the simple approach; Focus on the results you want.

3. What Golf Teaches about the Business of Life

Golf is more than a game we play, golf is a metaphor for the challenges and opportunities that life presents. The game requires self-reliance, a commitment to sportsmanship and bottom line results (and a sense of humor). This presentation explores the lessons to be learned in the lifelong process of becoming a better player and a more effective human being.

Topics include: Self-reliance; Intention; Responsibility; Preparation; Patience; Alignment; Flexibility; Balance; Humility; Confidence; Completion; Acknowledgement.

4. The Will of Golf Experience: Stretch, Relax and Let it Go

Improve your mind-body connection, engage your powerhouse and focus effortlessly on your results. Structured similar to a traditional yoga class, participants learn breathing techniques to calm the nerves combined with a sequence of golf-centric standing and floor postures to enhance range of motion, flexibility and balance (both physical and emotional).

The objective is to experience a new level of self-awareness then lighten up and let go of negative conditioning that restricts our achievement and growth.

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