Results, creativity and the choice to think

  • By Bob Peterson
  • 04 May, 2017

May 4, 2013 - Ralph Cissne

People often say, “I’m not creative. I wish I was, but I’m not.” My inquisitive response, offered with Zen-like compassion, “Have you ever made a sandwich?” With the inevitable affirmation I congratulate them on acknowledging the power of creativity. We easily praise the accomplishments of others, but instructive to realize our creativity is a birthright that must be exercised, like when you choose a spinach salad over pastrami on rye.

Thought is creative. Once you choose to make a salad or a sandwich the process of creating flows from the clear vision of the chosen result. You do not have to analyze the process. Far too often we become confused or trapped in analysis, mechanics and reference books. Focus on the sensory feedback and satisfaction you experience with completion. Taste the result you have chosen.

I met a very bright high school golfer recently. When asked about her game she shared her ball striking was solid, but erratic putting held her back. “Have you tried putting by sense of smell?” I asked. She laughed and we discussed the matrix of choice, creativity and self-confidence. If you take a breath and have a clear vision of the chosen result – making a putt or winning a golf tournament – the mind acknowledges, the result is perceived as accomplished and the body relaxes into alignment. It’s a mature mindset that, with practice, produces results.

I encouraged her to be fearless and recommended she read my book, Will of Golf: Mastering the Mind-Body Connection. A month later the friend who introduced us advised the grateful golfer had read the book and was very excited to report shooting 67 and winning her regional high school tournament.

Golf has been my mind-game laboratory for most of my life as the choices made in a round of golf have immediate results. An essential aspect of the Will of Golf program is The Choice to Think Chapter adapted from Frank Natale’s foundational course Results: The Willingness to Create. I took the instructors training to present this material in 1987 and have since experienced waves of exponential creative energy that I have eagerly shared with friends, clients and though my writing.

“As a species we have evolved to a level of consciousness that challenges us to embrace our responsibility as creators,” Frank Natale writes in the Results course introduction. “With this higher level of awareness we may no longer claim ignorance. Reclaiming and celebrating our creative power is essential to our individual survival and to healing our families, communities and the planet.”

Making the choice to think is fundamental to exercising your creativity, whether you want to improve your sports performance, relationships or make a delicious spinach salad. Think about it and encourage others to do the same.

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