Your breath and being in the moment

  • By Bob Peterson
  • 02 May, 2017
Each breath is a moment of growth and opportunity. We expand and we contract. Awareness of this pattern is the path to controlling your state of mind and your results. With conscious breathing we access a relaxed yet heightened self-awareness that keeps our emotions in balance and our intentions focused.

Most people don’t think about their breath. As a result, their breathing becomes shallow and incomplete. The flow of oxygen to their brains slows so they may forget to turn off their cell phone on the golf course or chunk a wedge into the water. In yoga practice, we learn to breathe with purpose. We learn to direct the breath and focus attention toward the sensations experienced in each posture. In golf, we need to be aware of maintaining a steady complete rhythm to our breath that, with practice, becomes automatic.

Notice how your energy shifts throughout your day, on the golf course or after watching three hours of cable news. Recognize how outside influences impact your consciousness. Notice how your reactive mind may tend to inject the illusions of negative outcomes when you think of the past or about the future. You can always turn down the static by returning to the rhythm of your breath. You can always change your mind. Take a deep, full breath. Take in whatever you need and let it go. Relax and enjoy being in the moment, especially when the moment matters most.
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